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A house concert is an alternative to commercial venues like bars and restaurants. Nothing wrong with those places, but when you want to listen to the music, hear and understand the song lyrics, and get to know the singer/songwriter personally, nothing compares to the small intimate setting of someone's patio, backyard or living room. No loud talking, no clanking dishes, no distractions, just a pure listening environment. The intimacy of the house concert is so compelling from both the artist's perspective and the audience's experience.

Our shows are typically on Saturday night, but due to the artist schedule we may book a show on a different day.  We host intimate shows in our living room located in The Lakes of South Shore Harbour.  Address and food details are shared with committed attendees prior to each show.   Optionally, bring a pot-luck dinner dish to share. Dress is casual.

The music consists of two sets of 45-60 minutes each with a break in between sets. During the break, the guest can purchase merchandise and of course eat more!

Each concert features a quality live music performance by professional musicians funded through donations from supporters in attendance. 

The donation amount is established by the artist, and 100% of all donations go directly to them.  

We started these house concerts for music lovers and live music supporters in League City and the Bay Area communities.   We are excited to offer these concerts to the community as a way to build greater communication and shared understanding through music. So visit a Clear Creek Harbour House Concert and enjoy some real, genuine, heartfelt, from the soul music! 

No children or pets please.



             Sofia Talvik

              March 7, 2020


                Donation: 20.00

Clear Creek Harbour House Concerts Presents Swedish Americana singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik.  Her music often blends elements of  folk and pop. 

One listen will tell you why Sofia is at the vanguard of Americana music. She has toured and seen more places in the USA than the average American. Her latest album celebrates her love for the vast plains, big mountains and sandy coastlines, as well as the warm and quirky people she met on the road. She’s played the big festivals like Lollapalooza and SXSW, but the intimate setting of a smaller stage is where her strength shines the most.

Her soft and airy music has been recognized by music lovers and critics all over the world.

         The Young Fables

    Friday, December 18, 2020 


          Donation:  $20.00 

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