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Clear Creek 
Knoxville, TN.


A house concert is an alternative to commercial venues like bars and restaurants. Nothing wrong with those places, but when you want to listen to the music, hear and understand the song lyrics, and get to know the singer/songwriter personally, nothing compares to the small intimate setting of someone's patio, backyard or living room. No loud talking, no clanking dishes, no distractions, just a pure listening environment. The intimacy of the house concert is so compelling from both the artist's perspective and the audience's experience.

Our shows are typically on Saturday night, but due to the artist schedule we may book a show on a different day.  We host intimate shows in our living room located in The Gates at Franklin in Knoxville. TN.   

The music consists of two sets of 45-60 minutes each with a break in between sets. During the break, the guest can purchase merchandise and of course eat more!

The donation amount is established by the artist, and 100% of all donations go directly to them.  

We started these house concerts for music lovers and live music supporters.     We are excited to offer these concerts to the community as a way to build greater communication and shared understanding through music. So, visit a Clear Creek Harbour House Concerts and enjoy some real, genuine, heartfelt, from the soul music! 

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        Sofia Talvik
            April 2025



Unmistakably Nordic in flavor, Sofia Talvik somehow still conforms to American interpretations of her own original music, a North Sea siren blending sparkle and melancholy. A veteran performer with 9 full length albums as well as numerous EPs, singles and tours behind her.

Growing up in Sweden her music has always had a special tint of her Scandinavian heritage, making her a favorite among music lovers.

Primarily a live artist, Talvik has taken her music across Europe and through 48 U.S. states, riding in her 1989 Winnebago Warrior with her husband at the wheel, digging deep into the American sound and channeling it through her Nordic roots to create a singular brand of Americana. Talvik releases all of her music on Makaki Music, a record label she started early in her career to maintain full control over her own recordings. While her Swedish roots serve as the basis for her songwriting, she often calls upon her many journeys and experiences for inspiration, especially the uniquely American archetype of roaming the endless highway. 

Living like a musical nomad, moving from place to place, slowly but steadily building her audience through her heartfelt and personal performances she got to experience the USA in a way few people do. The people she met opened their homes and hearts to her and some of them even made it into her songs. 

Talvik has released 9 full length albums and countless singles and eps. She has performed at festivals ranging from Lollapalooza to SXSW. She has opened for Maria McKee and David Duchovny, and has collaborated with former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, as well as Tobias Fröberg (Peter Bjorn and John), who produced her 2008 LP Jonestown. She has also released 2 albums in Swedish as part of the New Acoustic duo Hansan with German cellist David Floer. 

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